Veterinary Equipment Financing

Veterinary equipment, technology and software never stop evolving. Keeping your vet practice up-to-date requires a considerable investment—and a knowledgeable financial partner.

Preferred Capital Funding has the expertise to guide you through the available financing options—so you can make the right equipment choices for your practice.

We can also explain the numerous financial benefits of purchasing equipment, remodeling your office, or upgrading your technology now rather than later. You can take full advantage of the latest provisions in the tax laws, for example, including Bonus Depreciation and Section 179.*

Let the experts at Preferred Capital Funding work with you to achieve your practice goals



Advantages of veterinary equipment financing include:

  • Hedge against inflation by purchasing equipment at today's price

  • Conserve bank lines of credit

  • Invest funds otherwise needed for equipment and upgrades

  • Ability to utilize the benefits of Bonus Depreciation and/or Section 179 deductions*

  • Deduct the interest portion of loan payment