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Our clients find our ability to timely deliver a well thought out leasing structure as important as our low lease rate factors.

Whether your priority is to maximize financial statement reporting, minimize your Federal income tax bill, maximize EBITDA, minimize cash flow, or any combination of the above, our Relationship Managers are fully prepared to create an equipment leasing and financing solution that meets and anticipates your needs.

Financial Statement Presentation

Also known as “off balance sheet” financing, a properly structured FASB-13 qualifying Operating Lease can significantly improve the presentation of your income statement and balance sheet. A properly structured Operating Lease charges the P&L only for the monthly rental associated with your lease obligation, not for depreciation and interest expense. As important is the balance sheet effect — there is no short or long-term indebtedness booked with an Operating Lease. Rather, your obligation to pay rent is shown only in the notes to your financial statements

If you pay Federal taxes, a properly structured lease can provide short-term relief beyond that which MACRS provides. There are two types of leases for tax purposes — a tax lease and a non tax lease. In a non tax lease, the lessee takes the MACRS depreciation. In a tax lease, the benefits and burdens rest with us. And as such, we depreciate and you expense the asset for tax purpose

Cash Flow Solutions

Sometimes, the lowest monthly payment is the most important consideration. After all, it’s often assumed that the lowest overall payment equates to the lowest overall cost, right? Not necessarily. In fact, the lowest monthly payment almost never equates to the lowest overall cost. Why is this? And does the overall cost of the lease really matter?

Maximizing EBITDA

Many of our clients are EBITDA driven and rightfully so. In fact, our own credit committee uses EBITDA-based debt service coverage ratio as a major determinant in the credit approval decision. A properly structured lease will maintain favorable EBITDA without giving up economic and specific tax benefits..

Non-Tax Operating Lease (NTOL)

Just about all of our lessees evaluate the accounting implications of their lease. Some also take a look at the tax implications. Occasionally, we encounter a lessee who not only evaluates the tax and accounting, but also investigates structuring a lease that uses GAAP and tax to complement one another. Our NTOL does just that — evaluates the tax and the accounting and structures the lease so that GAAP and tax work together to satisfy your financial statement reporting and tax needs.


The Agriculture industry requires a considerable amount of heavy machinery to operate successfully. From tractors and land clearing equipment to feeding, harvesting, and milling machinery, your daily operating equipment often comes at a high price. Most financing sources will extend loans for this type of traditional collateral, but at Preferred Capital Funding  we know you may also need software and office equipment to get the job done right.

Not only are we your funding source for traditional farming and forestry equipment, but we will finance the operating software you need to track inventory, generate sales reports, and manage your data. We can even finance your office furniture,fixtures and equipment.  



We know you need up-to-date equipment to operate your business successfully. From aircraft and maintenance equipment to forklifts and fuel trucks, we understand that the aviation industry requires much more than just airplanes.


Whether you are a contractor, business owner, developer, distributor, dealer or manufacturer, we can finance the construction equipment you need to do business. In addition to the heavy machinery your business relies on, we are also your financing source for software, office furniture, fixtures and equipment that will help foster the growth of your business.    

Medical and Dental


With continual advances in medical technology a hospital or medical/healthcare provider must maintain the equipment necessary to provide the best care for its patients. Unfortunately, cutting edge technology is not cheap. That’s where we come in.

With years of health and medical financing experience, Preferred Capital Funding has the expertise and resources to finance your new or used equipment. We can even discuss the option of a sale-leaseback so you can afford the equipment you need to provide the best care possible.


As a manufacturing company, replacing outdated equipment and updating technology are anticipated expenses. To increase your cash flow and initial return on investment, it makes financial sense to finance these items.

At Preferred Capital Funding we have the knowledge and experience to finance manufacturing equipment and will work with you to customize financing to fit your specific business needs.


With years of experience financing mining equipment, our team of finance experts will put together a lease plan that fits your specific business needs. Whether you need one drill or an entire fleet, Preferred Capital Funding has the resources you need to grow your business.


At Preferred Capital Funding, we specialize in financing technology and IT services. We know that software, computers, electronic data processors, phone systems, and networking are often the lifeblood of your business. While other funding sources shy away from this non-traditional collateral, Preferred Capital Funding is committed to structuring a technology lease that fits your specific needs. We can even bundle in consulting and training.